June 2, 2020

Support for Engineering Design Students

The Lodge has a £1500 grant for three years from The Middlesex Provincial Relief Fund to support Engineering Design students at Brunel University with their degree course projects.

On 31 January 2018 four students pitched their degree course design ideas to Worshipful Master Peter Jones and Charity Steward Peter Binstead.

The two students selected were Rheza Imansyah from Thailand who has invented a water powered lamp to be used on a desk to assist poor rural children in South East Asia to carry on their studies in the evening, and Josh King who has a project which enables people who find themselves in dangerous or distressing situations to summon help from a named colleague or friend.

Rheza’s lamp has a turbine that can be recharged in running water. His idea is to make the lamp from local easily sourced materials in Asia. He has done all his technical research and now needs money to build and test a prototype. The money will be spent on materials, travelling around to suppliers etc. This innovative project could bring great benefits to poor Asian communities.

Josh’s idea is to expand the named contact to staff in pubs, operators of public transport etc. The details are that you download an app that he is creating, and you name the person you wish to inform if you get into difficult situations. This idea could be a commercial project as well as something that could be taken up by Social Service or Charities to give to their clients as another layer of protection.

W Bros Peter Jones and Peter Binstead agreed to fund these two students in the sum of £750 each. An application has been submitted to the trustees of the Middlesex Provincial Relief Fund for the release of this year’s grant.

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